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Crystal Sage Offerings

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Crystal Sage Offerings by Shiny Things is a range of beautiful smudging sticks and smudging accessories, incense, incense accessories, inspirational card decks, crystals, stunning gifts of the Earth, crystal grids and so much more.

I fill all of these gifts with good intentions.

For me, crystals are great reminders to us for the things we need reminding of. I believe all that is good and amazing about each of us, is already inside of us. Crystals can be a wonderful tool to help remind us of that and bring out all that amazing goodness, your gifts, inspiration and your light out into the world.

Smudging and incense has been used for the longest time. They are used for cleansing of self and your surroundings, using beautiful botanicals and essential oils to centre self and space can be uplifting, powerful and peaceful.

You can find my Crystal Sage Offerings at these locations below but also check out my pop up and market calendar for other events and locations for Crystal Sage Offerings here Markets & Pop Ups.

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The Micro Collective - Kalamunda
Shop 6 Central Mall, Kalamunda
Open Wed
to Fri 9am to 2.30pm, Sat 8.30am to 3pm, Sun 8.30am to 1pm
Crystals, smudging, incense, accessories, inspirational card decks, Tarot, necklaces and more.

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