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This is Shiny Things.

Shiny Things designs, makes and sources a range of costume jewellery and hair clips.

Costume jewellery is creative, fun, colourful and a little different. It's a wonderful way to inject some of your personality into your outfit. I hope you enjoy wearing it as much as I do making it for you.

My designs are for anyone who like to wear fun pieces.

If you are looking for something that is special for a gift or something just for you (because everyone deserves a little ear tizzy), then have a look around and see what you like via my Instagram and Facebook pages, at my Stockists or at one of my Pop Up's or Markets.

        Crystal Sage Offerings by Shiny Things

Crystal Sage Offerings by Shiny Things is a range of beautiful smudging sticks and smudging accessories, incense, incense accessories, inspirational card decks, crystals, stunning gifts of the Earth, crystal grids and so much more.

To learn a little more, click here: Crystal Sage Offerings by Shiny Things

How can you purchase?


I play with designs and ideas all the time. There is always something new. I don't mass produce any one design so my designs evolve all the time to keep it creative, fun, interesting and more exclusive for you. Shiny Things can be purchased at any of my Stockists, as well as Markets and Pop Up's I attend. 

I post designs on Instagram and Facebook regularly. If you see any items you'd like to buy there, you can message me directly and I will make arrangements with you to get those designs out to you as soon as possible. See details regarding payment and postage HERE.

Shiny Things... because life is meant to be fun!

About Us


Designing, making and sourcing costume jewellery was something I've wanted to do for some time.

One day I decided I could sit and daydream about it or I could get myself some tools, resin, findings and a heap of sparkly things and have a go.

I spent time reading about how to work with resin and made a heap of mistakes. But the important thing is, I enjoyed it and the mistakes just helped me learn how to get better. I now use a whole range of different materials.

I was having so much fun (I love to be creative in a heap of ways), that I decided I would just go for it and so now Shiny Things is here.

I hope you enjoy... Shiny Things.

Shiny Things is a Western Australian business.


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